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Data Engineer

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands€4,500 - €5,500 per monthData and AI

Job description

Our data is absolute garbage.

And we think you’ll absolutely love it.

Our data is garbage. To be more precise, we analyze and reduce food waste in the hospitality industry. Our algorithms throw themselves on leftovers to determine what ingredients remain untouched, when, and in what quantity. Food for actionable thought because if we – for example –  discover that guests aren’t into tomatoes but devour every last spec of avocado, restaurateurs can source smarter, reducing food waste and costs. How that works in practice? Waiters quickly scan cleared plates at Orbi hardware stations, and the embedded AI crunches away. We’ve already helped eliminate a whopping 430,000 kg of food waste, and we’re just getting started!

As Orbisk's first Data Engineer, you help mature algorithms and streamline the data flows that drive our Orbi’s. A key role because you contribute directly to the ‘intelligence’ of the solution. And while Orbi is already a culinary connoisseur, there are lots of challenges to sink your teeth into. Orbi still struggles to recognize certain products and might confidently (but incorrectly) conclude they’re dairy. How can we fix that? Given the real-world impact –  reducing waste AND cost – we expect you to combine coding process with a QA mindset: you test ‘till perfection. Important, because we want client dashboards to be ridiculously informative and instantly actionable. In practice, the role boils down to 25% change management and 75% conceptualizing and coding new & improved features. An important journey, that you’ll share with knowledgeable and collaborative colleagues, including our CTO who you will work with closely, and fellow Data Scientists and Developers.

The role in 7 bullets

  • Streamline internal and external data flows to support and enhance AI and data infrastructures.

  • Collaborate closely with AI, data, and developer teams to deploy new data pipelines.

  • Accelerate AI and data development while minimizing developer workload.

  • Consult with customer counterparts and Sales Managers to customize data solutions.

  • Engage in technical tasks, such as coding in Python, SQL, and Terraform.

  • Participate in technical and project sync meetings.

  • Liaise with Customer Success and Sales Managers to meet individual client data requirements.

Job requirements

Your track record mentions

  • A Computer Science (or similar) background and 4+ years of relevant experience.

  • Skill at building and deploying pipelines and ability to process data like a boss.

  • Familiarity with Apache Beam, Python, SQL, cloud platforms, and containerization.

  • API management chops – you’re no stranger to data warehousing/integration and ETL.

  • A keen interest or (better yet!) experience in deploying machine learning models.

  • Passion for pioneering, taking (calculated) risks, and sharing successes and setbacks as a team.

  • The drive to use data science to make a positive impact.

Why join Orbisk?

For a whole menu of reasons. Some lofty (reducing food waste also reduces our collective CO2 and H2O footprints), others more down-to-earth. After all, joining a scale-up that disrupts an entire industry is also plain fun. And a great conversation starter. Especially if that team is as driven and adventurous as ours. We also offer you:

  • €4.500 - 5.500 gross p/m (depending on knowledge and experience)

  • 32-40 hour work week in a hybrid office setting

  • To take a break to recharge, we encourage you to take 30 days of annual leave per year (based on full time)

  • To ensure you are taken care of later on, we have a pension contribution of 7%

  • Everyone has different needs when it comes to benefits. That’s why we offer you a YourCampus flexible spending budget of € 40 per month. This includes access to various health, wellness and lifestyle providers, for example, Classpass, Hellofresh, Swapfiets and more!

  • On top of this, all employees receive a free Headspace subscription

  • To support your learning and growth, we offer an annual personal education budget of €500. But we also organize additional team learning activities and if needed provide access to career coaches

  • An annual home office budget of €250 is offered, so you can create a nice work from home space, as well as a travel allowance for when you work from home

  • We make sure we regularly organize company activities to connect and have fun with your colleagues

Get to know us

We can’t wait to tell you more about our plans. Reach out by clicking on that apply button or contact Mak via email at